Vehicle Graphics Tucson, Car Decals and Wraps

Vehicle graphics deliver immediate results because they attract attention from eyes on the road. Your vehicle graphics can create brand recognition, offline marketing and service fleet identity. 

We firmly believe in the results generated by using effective car decals. With designers ready to create a style for your company which can generate thousands of impressions a day, we are ready to help. Whether your design calls for full color printed wrap or a one color decal, we have the knowledge to make your project come to life.

Car Decals (Lettering)

(truck decals, trailer decals)

Vinyl Lettering (car decals) is the first fundamental element when working with vehicle graphics. Our vibrant colors of vinyl decal material lasts for years outdoors. Cut vinyl lettering can generate as much attention as a car wrap, and costs less per square foot as well.

People choose vinyl lettering because the color lasts much longer outdoors. We have the skill and ability to produce a vinyl decal for your back windshield, or make something huge enough for your 54′ trailer!

Box Truck and Trailer Wraps

The term used is “rolling billboard” which refers to large vinyl truck wraps. With maximum street exposure, a vinyl truck wrap is the easiest way to get a billboard out into the public eye. Trailer wraps are used by most major grocery stores, beer companies, and fast food franchises as well.

Vehicle Wraps Tucson

Vehicle wraps are a great solution for everyday advertising. Wraps create maximum exposure at minimal cost, attracting the attention needed for your business.

Our printed vinyl wraps can be finished with gloss or matte lamination, both of which add protective UV resistance.

How long will my vehicle graphics last in Tucson?

Tucson has a demanding climate for the vinyl car, truck, and trailer decals. We offer two grades of high quality vinyl decal material; depending on your desired length of use. Our base vinyl is rated for 5 years outdoors, and our upgraded vinyl is rated for 7 years outdoors.

Because of the extreme heat in Tucson, we find that vinyl decals will typically last 60% of the lifespan stated by manufacturers. We never use low-quality vinyl because it is so hot here in Tucson! 5 year vinyl should last 2 or 3 years, and  7 year vinyl should list 4 to 5 years.

How can I extend the life of my car decals?

The easiest way to extend the life of your graphics in Tucson is to park in a garage. If your graphics are not left outdoors every day in the sun, you will get much longer life from them.

Washing your car at the drive thru can accelerate the deterioration of your graphics over time. We recommend that you hand wash your vehicle and treat your decals with care.

Installation Services

Tucson Signs and Printing offers on-site installation of your vehicle graphics. Our installers know how to get a job done right, installing without wrinkles or bubbles. We primarily install box truck wraps, trailers and Vans. 

We don’t take on full vehicle wraps nor do we offer color change wrap service for your brand new car. Our expertise is installing for local businesses at their job site which includes partial wraps and generally flat vehicles.

Feel free to contact us today and request a consultation for your vehicle graphics!