Step and Repeat Banners

Step and Repeat BannerStep and repeat banners are found throughout industries at grand openings, launch events, conferences and business gatherings. These events usually feature a step and repeat banner which guests to take pictures in front of. Whether it’s to promote your brand, band or business, we have the best deals in southern Arizona.

What are Step and Repeat Banners?

Step and Repeat banners are photo backdrops which feature a repeating pattern of logos. This pattern makes up a background for memorable photos. Sometimes called a press walls, these backdrops are featured in professional and informal gatherings. With repeating logos across the whole banner, your organization will be represented in every picture taken!


Which Types of Step and Repeats do we offer?

At Signs and Printing, we offer a variety of step and repeats all of which include the printing, the frame and delivery to your home or office. We have various size options for any occasion which means that there is a step and repeat which will suit your event style and budget. Browser our main options of step and repeats below.


Step and RepeatPole Pocket Step and Repeat Banners

The most economical step and repeat we produce, we recommend pole pocket step and repeats to anyone having a casual event. Clearly labeled interconnecting poles make setup easy. It is recommended that two people set up this backdrop for ease of managing the overall size.

Available sizes: 8×8, 8×10, 8×12


Tension Fabric DisplayTension Fabric Step and Repeat

The Tension Fabric Wall is our favorite backdrop. Once the tension fabric is set up, the hardware is invisible, other than the feet. The print is a stretchable fabric which covers the frame completely and zips up at the bottom of the frame.

Available sizes: 8×8, 8×10, 8×20


Pop Up WallVelcro Pop-Up Wall

This is our most easy to use banner stand because it comes with a pop-up frame that unfolds as you open it. Velcro strips around the edges of the fabric print stick to the edges of the frame. These are the easiest to set up and assemble, making it a perfect choice for those who want little work involved with displaying their brand.

Availalbe Sizes: 8×8, 8×10


Options for Your Step and Repeat Banner

All of our banners are printed on high quality fabric. In our opinion, fabric generally has a nicer quality and feel to it. Our fabric backdrops are washable and professionally finished with sewn edges to make them reusable. The Pole pocket step and repeat has an option for vinyl banner material rather than the fabric. Most of the step and repeats have options lights which can be purchased.


Step and Repeat DesignOur Design Process

We offer design service to anyone in need. When it comes to step and repeats, we offer basic design service for free. Our free design service includes any of our step and repeat products, up to three logos. If you have 3 logos or less for your backdrop, we do not charge for your design. If you have more than three logos for your step and repeat, we have to charge for design service.


Turnaround Time

Our normal turnaround time is three business days. When you choose our regular turnaround time, our step and repeats are delivered for free. We also have options for a 48 Hour Rush (+$75): Order your step and repeat by the end of each business day, and you will have it in hand two days later (Sundays excluded). Next Day Service: Next day service is only available for the pole pocket step and repeat. Same day service is not available.


Custom Step and RepeatCustom Step and Repeat Banners in Tucson, Arizona

Some of our clients only require a large banner to serve as their step and repeat. Used for custom builds, our step and repeat banners can be printed at any size. Stretched around a truss frame or suspended with hanging bars, choose from vinyl or fabric, and finish it with grommets or pole pockets. If you have specific size requirements, let us know and we can print your custom step and repeat banner.


How Step and Repeat Banners are Used?

Step and repeats keep your brand relevant as pictures and videos are taken at your event. If you have celebrities or VIP guests attending, you may want to have a tension fabric banner with a clean finish. Here are some examples of events where step and repeat banners are used.

  • Trade show displays
  • Red Carpet Events
  • Charity Events
  • School Shows