Mesh Banners

What Are Mesh Banners?

Mesh banners are vinyl banners designed for wind to pass through. These types of banners work well in wind because of the many holes in the material. Mesh Banners are much more presentable than vinyl banners with wind slits. In addition to beating the wind, these banners retain high vibrancy in the outdoor conditions in Tucson. Signs and Printing provides the highest quality materials available for our mesh banner prints, providing a long lasting print.

Mesh Banner

Uses for Mesh Banners

Advertising in windy conditions can be a bit challenging and mesh banners are the perfect solution. When regular vinyl banner just won’t do, mesh banners are the best alternative for covering fences, known as fence wraps.

Commonly displayed at construction sites, parking garages and concerts, this material is a great way to create a vibrant colorful barrier, while allowing wind to pass through. Separating your job site from the public, while colorfully messaging at the same time is a common choice for many professionals. At Tucson Banner Printing, fence mesh printing starts at the design level and is one of the things that we do best.

Mesh banner TucsonChain Link Fence Covers

Turn an ugly chain link fence into a colorful work of art. We can work with you to place ads, text, or art to set the mood while providing privacy. We have varying hole ratio options for our mesh banners to allow for more or less wind to blow through. Great for construction sites or festivals.

Mesh banner BackdropMesh Stage Backdrops

Hosting a concert or a large event in Tucson? Our custom mesh banners come in all shapes and sizes with detailed color imaging. Our products are nearly weatherproof and will hold strong no matter how long the event. If you’re worried about sound distortion, try a lower film ratio to reduce sound distortion and enhance the sound experience.

Features of Mesh Banners

We can seamlessly print mesh banner up to 10 feet tall, and up to 145 feet long. Our standard material is 10oz mesh material which has a 70/30 ratio. Simplified, this means that one square yard of the material weighs 10 ounces, and the 70/30 is the ratio of printable area vs open area (for the wind to pass through). For oversized prints (20ft x 40ft), we can weld the banner together creating billboard-sized prints when called for. Our mesh banner printing service is unbeatable in quality and durability. Using outdoor grade inks only, our colors will last even in the weather in Tucson.

Finishing Options for Mesh Banners

We always include hemming and grommets with every order. Alternative finishing options are available to meet your specific requirements. Every mesh banner order comes with hem (sewing) and grommet (metal rings) already included in the price. Other mesh banner options include:

  • Reinforced corners (extra sewing on the corners for added durability)
  • Webbing (extra material sewn into the edges for added strength)
  • D-Rings (metal rings which are stronger than standard grommets)
  • Rope sewn into the edges (so you can tie your banner up anywhere)

    Mesh Banner Tucson

We Print Mesh Banners in Tucson

With customers all over southern Arizona, we are Tucson’s go to printer for mesh fence wraps, building wraps, and much more. We can work directly with art that you currently have, or we can customize a design for your business to create a unique and engaging banner.

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