Vinyl Banners

We print custom vinyl banners quickly, and make the process simple. We only print on high quality vinyl and use inks to ensure that your banner will last for years. Even in the extreme heat of Tucson, our colors stand up to the sun. Design service is always available, We have many options for finishing your banner, and always offer free 48 hour delivery on every order.

Our Vinyl Banner Printing Services

We consider all banner printing jobs custom. We offer standard sizes like most print shops, and we also print custom dimensions. Size is not a limitation and you can expect rapid service from Signs and Printing.  Below are some of the common questions asked by our customers.

How large can we print vinyl banners?

Our largest single panel banner is 16 feet wide, however, we do not have any specific size restrictions on our banner prints. If the banner is even larger than 16 feet wide we weld the pieces together. We always print our banners to the solid 1” measurement (no fractional inches). If you wanted to talk billboard printing, we can do that! If you need a banner for the junior baseball team, we’re here to help as well!

How do we Finish our Banners?

We understand that there is no “one” way to install your banner, so we offer finishing options that will easily match your requirements. Check out our banner finishing options below.

Standard Finishing:

Hem and Grommet, this is the standard finish for our banners. Unless otherwise specified, we will always sew the edges and add metal grommets every 24” around the edges of your vinyl banner. We do not charge extra for grommets unless you want to add additional grommets to your banner.

Vinyl Banner Finishing Options:

You can request 2”, 3’, or 4” pole pockets to any banner. These pole pockets are used for inserting a pole or pipe into the banner for suspension from a ceiling.

We add 1″ webbing into the edge of the banner. This adds tons of extra strength, usefull for high stress installation locations. 

The half moon slits which you would recognize. This is done for windy areas where the banner would not be otherwise safe to hang. Wind slits can make the difference of a banner lasting a long time or not. 

If you request reinforced corners, we sew on additional banner material to the corners of your banner to add extra durability.

Just in case you wanted to tie your banner to a tree or in an unusual location, we can add in a rope to your banner so that you have something to tie it down with. The rope comes in 3/16th-inch thickness and 5/16th inch.

We can add Velcro to the back of your banner. We offer this service whenever it comes up. The Loop side is sewn to the banner, and the Hook side comes in a roll with an adhesive back.

Custom Banners Tucson

Vinyl Material Weights

Our standard weight of banner material is 13 ounces. To understand banner weight, the ounce measurement = the weight of one square yard of material. We usually select the material weight based on the end use of the banner. We carry the following weights of banner material at all times:

  • 13-ounce banner material – for everyday use. This is the most economical choice for general use banners, and our default material
  • 18-ounce banner material (block out) – This is the most rugged banner material that we sell. This material is 100% opaque as well, which is why it’s sometimes called blackout. This is the default material weight for light post banner kits.


Custom Banners Tucson

If you need a vinyl banner to display your sporting event or grand opening, Signs and Printing can offer competitive pricing against anyone you might turn to. Many of our clients continue coming back to us because we always have real people ready to answer your call and create a unique banner for your event.

What is a Vinyl Banner?

If you’ve ever seen a business display a grand opening or even a sale, that was an effective use of a vinyl banner. These are great for getting people into your door and displaying something that really catches their attention. Whether it’s a one time use or you want to use it every year, we can get you a print that is perfect for the job.

Common Uses for Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are incredibly cost-effective, and that’s what makes them a popular choice for people who want something fast and simple. When it comes to design, vinyl banners usually have just text, and sometimes logos. If it’s for a sporting event it might even be all logos. For most of the trade shows we work for, we notice they usually order step and repeat banners with their vinyl, so that could be what you’re looking for.

  • Grand Opening and Coming Soon announcements
  • Sales and promotions
  • Special events
  • Sporting events
  • Tradeshows and Exhibits