Custom Sign Printing

Custom sign printing is necessary for every business. Signs are an integral part of marketing because every company needs to make their presence known. From the ground up, we help customers create custom signage that can work to bring people from the street, directly into their storefront, and have greater brand awareness.

With years experience printing signs and banners in Tucson, Signs and Printing has helped many clients across southern Arizona who needed custom signs for marketing, events and long term visibility.

What types of custom signs do we print?

We specialize in custom signs for outdoor and indoor use. We also print signs for long-term as well as short term projects. With many different options available for your signs, we can be sure to find the correct product for your organization. Below are a few of the types of signs that we print.

Coroplast Sign Printing (Yard Signs)

This is the “plastic cardboard” material that you’ve seen used everywhere. Coroplast signs are great for outdoor use because it’s tough and waterproof. Commonly used for many things including: yard signs, political signs, temporary signs and disposable use signs. Read more about our coroplast printing services.

Foam Board Printing

Everybody knows what foam board is because it’s been around for a long time. This light weight rigid material is excellent for indoor use.  The paper face is layered onto a foam center which makes for a simple solution for many different custom sign projects. There are several materials which would be classified as Foam Board – Read more about foam board here.

Aluminum Sign Printing

Signs have been made from Aluminum because of it’s strength and light weight nature. Parking signs are commonly made of aluminum, as well as many other types of outdoor signs which need to last for a long time.

Why Choose Signs and Printing

Our customers love how we understand the conditions of weather in Tucson, and how it affects our products. Our customer service reps will work directly with you to figure out what you need and get you set up with perfect prints at a fast turnaround.