Yard Sign Printing – Coroplast Printing

Custom Sign Printing

We print yard signs Tucson, like it’s nobody’s business but ours. We’ve got competitive rates against the local printing competition. Yard signs are used by so many industries that everybody knows what they are. Coroplast printing is one of the lowest cost ways to produce signs!.

We specialize in direct to surface full color yard sign printing. This means that we print directly to the surface of the material. These signs come in many “standard” sizes, however we can print literally any size of coroplast signs. We also sell the metal frames as well. 

Never be limited by number of colors again because Signs and Printing prints all coroplast signs with a full color process. We do yard signs better than most, so reach out with your request and we’ll compete for your business.

What are the Benefits of Yard Signs, Tucson?


The primary benefit of coroplast printing in general, is because it carries a lower price point than many of our other sign materials. Not only is coroplast one of the least expensive ways to print signs, it’s very lightweight as well. 

The weight of the material makes installation lightning fast. With the light weight wire stakes, the signs are up in no time. Most people use their yard signs short term, and we print full color text and images on them!

When you order your signs with us, we turn around most orders in just two business days. We are not limited by “how many colors” you want to use – We just print everything full color anyways, so you can use any image you want in your design!

Of course we offer single side, or double sided sign printing. Request an estimate and we’d be happy to help you bring your eye catching coroplast signs to life! The average turnaround for most types of yard signs is two days. 

Custom Sized Coroplast Printing 

We offer the standard sizes of coroplast yard signs which are 12”x18”, 12”x24” and 18”x24”. We also cut to order as well. We can produce anything that fits on a 4×8 sheet. 

If you have a unique measurement, it won’t be a problem. Please remember which direction you would like the “flutes” to be running in the sign. The Flutes are the hollow channels which run the length of the material.

Custom Cut Yard Signs

We cut coroplast into any shape you want! Fully custom yard signs are possible when you add the extra dimension of contour cutting. Create unique signage based on your creative idea. When rectangles and squares just aren’t working for you, die cut coroplast signs are the way to go!

Design service can be requested for these custom lawn signs. Let us know what you imagine, and we will turn it into something powerful. You can get really creative when you start custom cutting the coroplast signs.

Finishing Options for Coroplast Signs

Metal Grommets – We can install metal grommets to your signs just like we would to a banner. These metal rings provide a place to hang your sign instead of using a wire stake. Just request grommets whenever you need. 

Ciss Cutting – We are able cut through ½ of the material so that you can get a fold into the material. Kiss cutting is used when you intent to fold your sign in half, or if you are creating a folded shape.

Die-Cutting – Of course we can also die cut your coroplast signs to any shape you like. This includes all standard shapes such as stars and arrows as well as any other form you like such as rounded corners and heart shapes. 

Turnaround time for Yard Signs

Our typical turnaround time for yard sign printing is just two business days. If you order volume or special cutting the turnaround time can increase by an extra day or two. Let us know ahead of time what your deadline is and we’ll be sure to make it on time! 

Benefits of Coroplast material (What is it?)

The corrugated plastic material we speak of is essentially a plastic cardboard. It’s made with three layers of propylene plastic substrate. The fact that the signs are made of this plastic substrate makes it quite durable for outdoor displays. 


Not only is it outdoor durable, coroplast is weatherproof, lightweight and affordable. Coroplast signs have been around for a long time, and are here to stay. The overall convenience to price ratio is unbeatable!

The lines running through the center of the coroplast creates channels called “flutes”. Flutes give the thin plastic it’s strength as well as creates an area for the wireframes to install. We can also kiss-cut the sheet, creating a natural fold area in the sign. .

Other Uses for Coroplast?

Coroplast is used for so many other things besides yard signs Tucson. Most commonly, you will see political campaigns adding hundreds of vote signs to the streets. Home repair contractors use coroplast signs to advertise while they work.

A-Frame signs commonly use coroplast inserts, and the real estate industry uses coroplast signs all the time. Wayfinding signage is another common use for coroplast signs. If you can find a use for a sign printed on a sheet of plastic cardboard, there you will find coroplast.