Vinyl Window Lettering

Window Lettering TucsonVinyl Window Lettering is perfect when a simple message is required. Our outdoor vinyl is excellent for longevity, even in the Tucson heat. At Signs and Printing, we offer both 5-year and 7-year vinyl decals. Our window vinyl comes in a huge library of colors and can be ordered to suit your requirements. At a lower price point than many printed vinyl materials, vinyl lettering is perfect for adding a message to any glass surface.


What are the benefits of vinyl window lettering?

There are several benefits to choosing vinyl window lettering. Typically having a much greater length of life than printed vinyl decals, our solid color vinyl decals have rich colors that can not be reproduced by most printers. People love how there is no “background material” to the vinyl lettering. This missing background area remains clear for the window to be used.


Vinyl Window DecalsHow long will my window lettering last?

We sell two grades of vinyl decal material; 5 year material and 7 year material. The true length of life on these decals will depend on how much UV exposure they receive each day. We can safely say that these decals will last 50% of their rated life in full daily UV exposure, and 100% of their life if installed in a shady area.


Vinyl Window Lettering vs. Printed Vinyl Decals.

It is known that vinyl window lettering is much more rich in color as the material is produced that way. The true vibrancy of these colors is due to the manufacturing process and not because of any “inks”.  Vinyl decals are limited to simple shapes and colors because of this property. While you can have a full color image printed of anything you want, the life of ink color doesn’t stand up to the length of life of solid color vinyl decals.


Vinyl Window DecalsCommon Uses for Vinyl Window Lettering:

Vinyl lettering is found throughout all industries. As a method of displaying valuable business information, common uses for vinyl lettering include:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Business Names
  • Service Lists
  • Contact Information
  • Specials and Promotions

Generally speaking, people use vinyl lettering for information that will not change. These decals will last for a long time, so be sure you display the information that is most critical.