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Signs and Printing has printed and installed countless square feet of vinyl wall coverings, wall murals, barricade graphics and other large wall wraps. Commonly known as the wall wrap or wall covering, this technique of printing and installing large panels of adhesive wall vinyl is one of our core skills. With intimate knowledge of the pre-press production work, we know how to make a wall wrap fit properly and how to install it with confidence.

We have several grades of wall wrap material, and this selection can cover any wall whether interior or exterior. Our unique combination of materials and production techniques helps us offer the widest range of printing options for your walls. Reach out with your wall covering project and we’d be happy to help. 

We also send wall wrap prints all over the country. If you are located outside of Tucson, and we will still compete for your project, against any local competition. We can easily manage your project from front to back while the correct material is chosen, and the panels are printed to fit.

Wall Wrap / Wall Mural Printing

The creative uses for wall wrap printing is an infinite stream of possibilities. Breathe life into your barren office walls, spice up your pizazz in your restaurant, inspire and motivate your staff, whatever your purpose is, we are here to actualize your wall mural plans. Essentially, wall wraps are huge wall stickers that adhere to the surface of most walls. Color is never limited because all of our printing is done on a 4 machine. 

We specialize in printing quality 3M wall vinyl as our main go-to material. We carry a number of generic options as well as name brand wall wrap material.Life sized full color imagery can be the simplest explanation of a new wall vinyl installation. Reach out for your custom wall project, we are excited to brightly color any wall. 

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Barricade Wall PrintingBarricade Wall Printing and Installation

Barricade graphics need to be installed during the renovation of many types of retail locations. Commonly seen at malls and airports – these barricade walls are meant to block the public’s view of a construction site underway. We know how to print and install barricade wall graphics with ease. Let us know when you plan to build this wall because we’d like to coordinate with you on the material selection and installation dates. 

If you would prefer complete full service on your barricade wall including the build, we can take that on for you. We will need the plans for the wall as well as the full wall project detail and with this information ready, we can submit our bid for the wall.

Vinyl Wall wrap

Accent Wall Wraps

Everyone is familiar with an vinyl wrap accent wall for your home. We bring the concept to an entirely new level. Let us know about your vision for your printed accent wall and we’d be more than happy to find you high resolution wall art to print, coordinate your installation and produce the impressive feature wall that you are looking for!

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Wall Wrap Material Selection

Generally speaking, if you have a smooth wall, your wall wrap will cost less. There are various grades of wall vinyl which are more suited to texture, vs more suited to a flat smooth wall. When you have a smooth wall, you can use the average grade materials which are not suited to conform around texture. On the textured side of things, we can use a number of materials as well which will ensure your wall mural conforms to the texture in your wall. 

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How to prepare for an interior wall wrap?

The best way to ensure that your interior wall wrap is going to adhere properly is to make sure that your wall surface is prepared correctly. The main factor to a properly prepared wall is the paint. Wall vinyl only sticks to gloss, semi-gloss or eggshell finished walls. Dull and flat finished walls will not work. 

Along with proper finish, the walls must be freshly cleaned of dust and gunk before applying your wall wrap. We can not stick our vinyl material to unfinished drywall, particle board or plywood. Porous surfaces will prevent the adhesive from properly sticking to the wall in most cases.

What is the lowest-cost Wall Wrap?

The lowest costing wall wrap is reserved for a completely smooth wall with no texture and a nice quality paint job. If you can eliminate the texture, as well as provide a fresh gloss or semi-gloss finish, we can install the lower end of 3M adhesive vinyls. Although we are using the “basic” material in this situation, your wall mural will still last for years while you are able to lightly clean it for the duration that it’s up.

Vinyl Wall Decals (Wall Lettering)

With the proper paint job, you can add eye-catching vinyl lettering to your wall. The brilliant colors of our vinyl will never fade indoors because we always use quality vinyl material. The uses of vinyl wall lettering are infinite and can have a dramatic impact on the feel of your room. Our trained designers can help you come up with the perfect vinyl wall lettering which will bring your room or office to life!

Vinyl Lettering for Wall