Window Clings


Window Cling Printing

Window cling vinyl is an excellent low-cost printing solution for temporary window graphics. Our window cling prints come out crystal clear and will last outdoors for months in full UV exposure. When there is a need to change your window displays seasonally, or with any regular frequency, static cling vinyl (window cling material) is the way to go.

Window Cling Printing in Tucson

Window clings are temporary in nature and are made to be displayed for 6 months or less. This material has no adhesive which means that removal absolutely simple. We use solvent and eco-solvent inks for our static cling prints because these inks will not fade in the sun. Installation of static clings is simple.

How large can we print Window Clings?

At Signs and Printing, the maximum width we can print window cling material is 52″. This means that we are able to print 52″ wide by up to 100 feet. Sometimes windows are larger than 52″ which means that the clings would have to be printed in panels. Printing window clings in panels is uncommon, however we have the ability to do so.

How long will my Window Clings last?

We recommend keeping your window clings for 6 months or less. In theory the clings will last much longer than this, however for long term use window decals, we recommend adhesive vinyl above window clings. Our inks are rated for up to two years in UV exposure without fade.