Perforated Window Vinyl

Perforated Window vinylPerforated Window Vinyl is sometimes known as Window Perf or One-Way-Vision film. This is the “material with the holes in it”. For use at business locations for advertising, perforated window vinyl is a professionals choice material. This film is ideal because the outside of the window gets full-color imaging while the inside of the room gets a perfect view outside. Signs and Printing specializes in printing full color window perf, and this vinyl is our top choice.


Benefits of Perforated Window Vinyl

Perforated window vinyl is best known for allowing use of your windows even though there is advertisement on them. This vinyl film is perforated with lots of small holes which allow for the visibility. By daytime, potential consumers will see the full color printing with clarity. The inner part of this material is black, which causes the visibility of your windows to show clearly. The unique property of allowing use of your windows as though there was not a full color image installed makes perforated window vinyl our top choice.


Green Window PerfRandom Fact about One-Way-Vision film:

By daytime, this vinyl shows your printed image on the outside of the building, and while inside the building you can still see out. At night time however this material tends to disappear. At night time, when the lights are on at your establishment, the illumination from inside the room clearly shows through your print, which means that people will be able to see inside. In other words, this material is designed for daytime use.


perforated Window VinylHow long will my Window perf last?

This material is made specifically for outdoor use. Window perf will last the average user around two years. The length of life depends on the amount of direct UV exposure each day. The inks are rated for two years as well, which means that the life of your window display will last for a year or longer. If you have a low-UV coverage area, your perforated vinyl will last longer than two years.