Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl Car and Truck Wraps

Vinyl wraps on cars and trucks are the best answer to everyday advertising. Vinyl car wraps create maximum exposure at minimal cost. Car and truck wraps are used for many purposes such as advertising, brand identity and fleet identification.

A vinyl wrap on your company vehicle can attract the attention needed for your business. Our printed vinyl wraps can be finished with gloss or matte lamination, both of which add protective UV resistance. We recommend using a matte finish for the greatest ease of visibility.

Signs and Printing can produce full wraps, half wraps, and a combination of half wrap / half vinyl lettering. Our designers and installers are among the best in the industry, and are ready to serve you today. When it comes to printed vehicle wraps, we only use 3M material because of its long life and trusted durability.

Box Truck and Trailer Wraps

The term used is “rolling billboard” when it comes to large vinyl truck wraps. With maximum street exposure, a vinyl truck wrap is the easiest way to get a billboard out into the public eye. Trailer wraps are used by most major grocery stores, beer companies, and fast food franchises as well. Factoring the length of life of your vinyl trailer wrap, and overall individual exposure during that time period, truck and trailer wraps are the most cost-effective way to reach your audience. Did you know that you can easily reach up to 20,000 or more people a day simply by the use of box truck wraps?

Vinyl Wrap Installation

Our vinyl wrap installers know how to get a job done right, installing without wrinkles or bubbles. Tucson Banner Printing offers full-service on-site installation for most of our wrap projects. We understand that you need your vehicle in service, so an on-site wrap installation might be the best option for you. No need to worry about coordinating schedules when it comes to multiple drivers and vehicles. We can come to you!

Our wrap installation jobs come backed up by our installation warrantee. We warrantee our wraps for 12 months against lifting and pulling out of place. We do not warrantee damaged caused by forces outside of our control such as auto accidents and abrasive washing techniques.