Printed Wallpaper and Custom Wallpaper

Bring your blank walls to life with a printed wall wrap or custom wallpaper. Wall wraps are an excellent way to produce full wall coverings. Using your designs and specifications, everything is possible when it comes to custom printed wallpaper. With multiple material options, we can choose between permanent, temporary, washable or canvas texture. If you need custom design help, one of our experienced designers will be happy to take your project from idea to life. We offer printed temporary wall wrap, custom printed wallpaper (permanent) and permanent wall vinyl prints. We can produce these wall wraps using a matte, satin, or gloss finish laminate, making the prints durable enough to be washed. With professional installers ready, we can take care of the production and the installation of your wall wrap, ensuring an excellent finished product every time.

Wall Wrap vs Wallpaper – Permanent vs Removable

Custom Printed Wallpaper
Our Custom printed wallpaper is designed to be installed once and left in place. Our wallpaper is printed on a material made by Hp, which has a pre-glue backing. All you do is just get the back wet to activate the glue and apply to the wall. Our custom printed wallpaper can last up to 20 years without fading or peeling.

Wall Wrap (permanent)
Printed wall vinyl with permanent adhesive is great for a long lasting solution. This type of vinyl is waterproof, scratch resistant, washable and prints with beautiful vibrant clarity. We use 3M material for these kinds of wall wrap prints. Like a sticker, just peel the back and install directly onto the wall.

Wall Wrap (removable)
Printing a wall wrap which is removable can be a smart way to save your paint job underneath! Our removable wall wrap vinyl is made by 3M and is rated to last a lifetime. Just like a big sticker, peel the back paper and install directly onto the wall. You can leave the image on the wall for several years and still remove it when you are done with no stain!

Vinyl Decals for Your Wall

With the proper paint job, you can add eye-catching vinyl decals to your wall. Our vinyl wall decals are top quality, using an adhesive that’s made to last. The brilliant colors of our vinyl decal material will never fade. We always use quality vinyl made by 3M and Oracle, which are made to last for years, especially indoors. Add inspiration to your office, design a decorative element for your room or print the logo of your company. The uses of vinyl wall decals are infinite and can have a dramatic impact on the feel of the room. Our trained designers can help you come up with the perfect vinyl wall decal which will bring your room or office to life! Fully custom artwork/design can be available for your project. Our installers understand what a good installation should look like, leaving you with the best quality custom wall vinyl available.