Custom Sign Printing

Custom signs are an integral part of guerilla marketing. From the ground up, we help customers create custom signage that can work to bring people from the street, directly into their storefront.

With over 5 years experience printing signs and banners in Tucson, Tucson Banner Printing has hundreds of clients across the Sonoran desert that need custom signs for marketing, events, or even yard sales.

Popular Uses for Signs

If you know exactly what you need on your sign, call us and connect directly to a customer service agent that can take your design, ensure it’s ready for printing, and then get it printed within 2 days of putting in your order.

Some customers come to us not really knowing what they want, and our design team can work with your assets and logos to create a beautiful custom sign.

Coroplast Signs in Tucson

This material is one of the most popular we carry when it comes to signs. It is tough and a waterproof plastic that can be used for:

  • Yard signs
  • Political Signs
  • Real Estate Parking Signs
  • Sidewalk signs
  • Spinning signs
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • and more!

Coroplast plastic is 100% recyclable and great for outdoor use, unlike some sign materials. If you are trying to pull street or sidewalk traffic to your business, this is a great option for you.

Lexan Signs in Tucson

Lexan has features which make it perfect for business display signs. Lexan signs are ultra-durable and even shatter-resistant, making it effective for that we carry in many different sizes, shapes, designs, colors, and patterns. It is also environmentally friendly flame retardant, scratch resistant, heat resistant and can be easily customized to meet every customer’s request. All these characteristics make Lexan as one of the best materials for promotional signs.

Why Choose Tucson Banner Printing

With so much Experience in Tucson, our customers love how we understand the conditions of weather and how they affect our products. Our customer service reps will work directly with you to figure out what you need and get you set up with perfect prints at a fast turnaround.